Swimming with the Dog

Crazy dog CJ
CJ - In a Dry Moment
Spent the evening swimming with CJ. Being a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, water is like a second home for him. So this evening I joined him – playing pool fetch with the new ball I got him over the weekend.

The new ball is larger than his other ball, so there is an added element of fun as he tries to stay afloat, grab the ball, and swim past me to escape into the yard. CJ is not yet fully fetch trained. He likes to turn a great game of fetch into a game of “Chase me, I have the ball and you do not!”

The new chlorine feeder seems to be working well. The main benefit – it is outside of the back yard and therefore dog proof. We can no longer use floaters since CJ learned he can remove them then chem them to bits.

Having a retriever puppy – even a year and half old one – is like having a toddler. They get into everything – and then they are so proud that they did.

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