New Orleans Part II

Talked to Mom this morning, they had a terrible night. They were picked up by ambulance late last night and taken to the Beaumont Civic Center which was the evacuation clearing point. They were then placed on a bus and taken to the airport, supposedly for a flight to Arkansas or Oklahoma.

After arriving at the airport, all were taken off the bus except for Mom, Dad, and an elderly lady that Mom was looking after. The explination was that the plane was set up only for ambulatory patients and could not take any non-ambulatory patients.

After several hours of waiting they were taken back to the Civic Center – more people were loaded – and then the story was the same.

Rant – I don’t understand this. According to local and national media medical flights were taking off all the time. I know that the people “on the ground” have the close view of the situation – but why could my parents not be put on a plane!

At this point Mom has decided to get back to her car and drive to East Texas with Dad. Mom has arranged for the Fire Department to help load Dad into a friends car and then to transfer him to her car where she left it.

My thanks go out to the Beaumont Fire Department – you guys are GREAT to make sure that they at least get the chance to get out.

Mom will have to fight traffic to get to East Texas – She and Dad are both tired but they at least have a plan now which appears to have a chance to get out.

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