Now What?

It appears that overall the evaucuation has worked.

from The Wall Street Journal

Sept. 24, 2005
Hurricane Rita caused widespread damage, but massive coastal evacuations and the storm’s course limited the human toll in an area already battered by Katrina. No deaths from Rita have been reported. Houston and Galveston avoided a direct hit, and there was cautious optimism about the oil-refining industry. Cities braced for the return of evacuees, with more traffic jams and gas shortages feared. Flood waters continued to pour into a devastated New Orleans neighborhood.

Now we just wait for news from those on the ground about how soon people can return. I talked with Mom this morning about returning and she will not be going back till we determine what the situation is. According to other news reports there is no water, electricity, or medical services in Beaumont. Not yet a place to go back to.

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