Eye in the Sky

KHOU is doing and aerial survey of the costal area. I am watching to see if I can get an idea of the damage in Beaumount, which is supposed to be next on their flight path. Currently, looks like lots of flooding and trees down. This appears to be Lumberton. Structural damage in line with the type of winds the hit the area – roof damage and lots of debris.

Significant damage at an airport stated as north of the city.

As the aerial survey went over the Walden Road and I-10 area, lots of glass blown out of the windows and structural damage. Since this is within miles of Mom and Dad’s house there is a high likelihood of damage to their house.

Just passed over the “Iron Skillet? restaurant and the Cracker Barrel at the intersection Walden Road and I-10 and the picture shows a number of 18-wheeler trailers turned over and the Jack in the Box sign fallen on an SUV in the parking lot.

Beaumont has taken a big hit. News says that there is no power or water or sewer.

Before they turned back the chopper went over Port Arthur. Lots of flooding in the refinery and downtown section of Port Arthur, but very little damage at the Yacht Club and houses nearby. Very few people in the area.

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