Changing Flight Plans

My Uncle Bill was planning to fly in from Washington D.C. on Tuesday to visit my parents in Beaumont. Since the current return date for the Beaumont area has not been set, I called Continental Airlines to work out what would need to be done about rescheduling his flight.

Of course the first person who answered the phone had the standard non-solution – “Reschedule before October 3rd and there is no charge to change.”

I would like to believe that our lives will be back to normal by October 3rd, however I belive that is a bit of wishful thinking. Alternative given was to accept a credit then reschedule after October 3rd at a $50 fee.

On to the next level, after telling the representative that he had been very helpful and that I understand that he does not have any options to help me out.

Fortunately, Continental does not make you go more than one level up to get a real solution. The supervisor who I talked to next was very helpful and agreed to cancel the ticket and waive the reschedule fee through August 19th of next year.

I hope that we have this worked out by then.

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