Latest News from Jefferson County

The following was found while looking for damage assessments. It is a statement from Jefferson County Emergency Management.

An emergency management official called KLVI, which is broadcasting through their website, and gave the following information about Jefferson County:

“Zero food. Zero water. Zero power. Zero sewage.”

“People are being put on busses to San Antonio. You can’t just come back and stay a day or two and leave. It’s not gonna happen. We’re having a difficult time keeping up with fuel for law enforcement, firefighters, and military.”

“There are hundreds of DPS offers and military here. Firefighters are here. Your property is safe. It’s just not good to come back right now. If you do, you’re gonna get stuck. You’re not gonna get any gas to get out. It’s not a short term deal, it’s a long term deal.”

Busses are leaving from Ford Park taking residents to San Antonio.

“Our resources are extremely thin. Please, PLEASE do not come back just to see your home and put a strain on the resources we have. We completely understand you want to see your homes. But most of the damage is blown out windows, awnings peeled, roofs, peeled, very little flooding, and in sporadic areas there’s trees down. If your home was damaged, there’s a 95% chance it was due to a tree falling on it.”

Most trees falling on homes are on the north side of the homes in the area.

“We don’t have the Red Cross open here yet.

If you are stuck in the area, call the local law enforcement because those phones are working.

IF YOU WATER COMES BACK ON, BOIL IT. It may take up to a week or 10 days to get the water pure enough for drinking.”

Entergy is saying it could take upwards of a month to get power back on — there is massive power failure.

“Law enforcement, several thousand troops, and FEMA is patrolling the area. Your property is safe.”

When asked when evacuees can come home:

“We’re asking them to stay away until we can at least get water and sewer going. We’re hoping for a couple of days. All the cities lost generators that run the water plants, and we have to get those back online.”

There is NO gas in Southeast Texas, so don’t come back yet. You’ll be sent to Ford Park and bussed to San Antonio or other shelters.

Telephone systems are now working in Southeast Texas, so if you’re stuck in the area, you can call law enforcement and they will get you to Ford Park.

After San Antonio fills up, you’ll be sent even farther away, without your vehicles, so don’t come back until emergency management officials give the OK.

All roads into Beaumont are currently closed by County Sheriff and Texas DPS Troopers. People who attempt to enter the sity are being turned back at the County limits.

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