Kathryn’s Music

It was pointed out to me that I had not mentioned what Kathryn plays in band. So here is an update on Kathryn.

244Kathryn is playing flute and over the summer started playing piccalo. She attended the FlootFire camp in Plano this summer, and had a wonderful time learning from great teachers and meeting a number of other flute players.

While attending FlootFire, she earned one of the two piccalo parts for the final performance. This was after only having a school piccalo for a couple of weeks beforehand.

She is doing really well in her music, and is currently 1st chair in the 9th grade band. Last year, her 8th grade band got to travel to San Antionio to perform at the Texas Music Educators conference.

She is also enjoying her first year of Marching Band. Even though it is a lot of hard work it is lots of fun.

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