Home Again

Mom and Dad made it home today to Beaumont.

Mom said that it was terrible, the mess of the neighborhood. Tree damage was apparent as high as Jasper, and was worse as they came south.

Their neighborhood has lots of tree damage, but not a lot of house damage. Of course, she has not been to other areas of town but they are supposedly much worse. While their area has power a lot of Beaumont does not.

One neighbor’s daughter’s home was severely damaged, with all the windows blown out and even the cabinet doors ripped off by the force of the wind. It will be months before they are able to get back into their house.

There is some roof damage, with shingles over the yard and tree limbs everywhere. However, she confirmed that their house came through ok.

Dad made the trip well, and is doing fine. His doctor in Nacogadoches was wonderful, as were the nursing staff, therapists, and everyone that helped them.

Mom told me a story of how – on overhearing her talking about not having a blow-dryer to get her hair back in shape, the nurses brought he a $20 bill that someone had “lost” in the hall and insisted that she go to Walgreens and purchase a blow-dryer so she could get cleaned up and feeling better.

Wonderful people – the East Texas spirit is stong even after all the trials of the storms.

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