All Region Concert

According to Dr. Jeff Gershman, Director of Instrumental Activites at the University of Texas A&M – Commerce and conductor of the All Region Symphonic Band, the kids in Texas Region 20 are the best in Texas, and rank highly in the nation in musical skill. After listning to the concert featuring the students selected for All Region honors, I have to agree.

Looking through the list of students who have gone on to Area and State from this year’s Region 20 band is impressive. It’s a great group for Kathryn to be a part of.

As noted earlier Kathyn achieved first chair piccolo in the All Region tryouts. This made her the only freshman member of the top band, the Honors Band, conducted this year by Eugene Migliaro Corporon. Mr. Corporon is the is the conductor of the Wind Symphony and Regents Professor of Music at the University of North Texas. He is also a noted conductor who’s work has been recorded many times with world renowned wind symphonies.

Kathryn said that working in such a telented group with a top conductor was wonderful. She had several highlight and solo parts, and did an excellent job of playing them.

I was impressed with all the kids – especially considering that they only had two days of rehersal. Mr. Corporon said that many professional groups would not attempt to perform the program that the Honor Band performed after that little rehersal.

The program for the evening was –

  • Kirkpatrick Fanfare – Boysen
  • American Hymsong Suite – Dwayne Milburn
  • Serenade Romantic – Turrin
  • Machu Picchu – Yagisawa

Congratulations to Kathryn and all the Region 20 All Region Band members for a great performance!

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