Posting Through Offline Tools

One thing is certain – web interfaces are nice but for true productivity you need to be a close to the desktop as possible.

Being close to the desktop has a number of advantages – use of native tools (windows or Linux – this is not a religious argument), off-line capability, and the ability to isolate from the performance issues found in most web applications. Yes, even in the days of AJAX there are still performance issues to be found in the world of web applications.

This holds true in network management applications (switches all have web interfaces now – but they are slow and unreliable) and also in blogs.

So I am experimenting with a number of applications for off-line posting. Tonight I am working with BlogDesk ( which set up like a dream, connected almost automatically to my WordPress blog, and has a nice clean interface.

I can tell that my usual workflow will need to be adjusted. I usually use the G2 image tag to insert images from my gallery – and those are not available in the offline composer window. However, I think that there are ways around that.

Now that Firefox has underline spell suggestion I have to say that I miss the autocorrect and spelling hint functions of modern editors. However, the spell check function works well (although strange that it does not recognize BlogDesk or blog as a word!)

Overall – a nice intro to the world of offline composers. I will be taking a look at several others before deciding on one. If you want to read ahead, the list I am working from is on the WordPress Codex at . I am trying to first look at free or Open Source licensed projects, then move over to looking at commercial only if there is not a suitable client in the first pass.

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