Oklahoma Caching

Inspired by Krillin we set off to Oklahoma today with a plan to add as many caches along I-35 as we could. Krillin – a travel bug who originated in Alberta, Canada – is on a mission to visit all the capital cities of the United States and Canada.

We picked up Krillin in Little Doodles Stash Cache on our New Years Day cache loop through Mansfield. Since he had not visited Austin or Oklahoma City, we decided to use his mission to plan our next few outings.

In planning this trip I ran smack into the 200 cache limit imposed by the Explorist GPS that I current use. It’s a great unit – however it does have some annoying limitations. One is that you can only put 200 geocache waypoints in a single file.

While looking for a way around this limitation, I was re-introduced to GSAK – the GeoCaching Swiss Army Knife. I had played with the program over 160 days ago – as the trial screen gently nagged me. However, the author of the program must be a big believer in both his program and the eventual good will of people, because he allows you to keep using the software.

The first time that I had used GSAK I had moved on with the feeling that it did not fit my caching style and was too complicated. Either I have gotten smarter or with more understanding of how caching works the program – on a second look – appears to be much more useful. Especially nice are the features that allow you to replicate the caches on route and caches around a point features of geocaching.com.

GSAK, combined with GpxSonar or CacheMate on the PocketPC, makes it easy to plan your day around a list of specific caches. By using the routing featured of GSAK we were able to plan for caches that looked interesting for the whole family. GpxSonar gave us the logs and and travel bugs that might be along.

On this trip we found our first  Unite for Diabetes Geocaching Challenge travel bug. The bug’s goal is to travel to “Yerres, France” to raise awareness of diabetes. Overall we found ten caches and picked up five travel bugs who’s missions we felt we could assist in. Several are trying to leave North America – so getting them to the DFW area may assist in their missions.

And Krillin – we added the Oklahoma Capital Building to his list. We arrived as the capital was being set up for the inaguration of Governor Brad Henry’s second term. While taking photos we were met by a wonderful person in a state centenial jacket. I wish I had his name becuase he was really nice and let us know that the building was open and we could go in and get out of the cold. He took us through the security checkpoint.

He was the second really nice person we had met in Oklahoma. Earlier in the day we had a great conversation with three ladies at the state line visitors center. After finding The Lizard’s Lounge we stopped in the visitor center and left loaded down with places to stop on future Oklahoma trips.

 Overall it was a wonderful day. Oklahoma – we will be back.

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