Tuba Christmas 2007

Tuba Christmas 2007 – Dallas

Merry Tuba Christmas to All!

This was Alex’s first year to participate in Tuba Christmas. Tuba Christmas began in 1974 as a tribute to the late tuba artist/teacher William J. Bell, born on Christmas Day, 1902.

We discovered Tuba Christmas about five years ago, and have enjoyed it every year since. I don’t know what part it played in Alex deciding the take up Tuba as an instrument, but I’m sure it did not hurt. His teacher is one of the Dallas and Fort Worth organizers.

This year – unlike past years when the temperature was sub-zero – the weather was perfect. We arrived very early, not knowing that the registration process started over an hour before the actual rehearsal. This caused a long wait for the beginning of the concert – but it did mean that I got to get a great position for taking video of the event.

I posted the first two songs to YouTube using the new Macintosh and iMovie. Fun stuff – I could be turning into a Mac addict again!

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