4:00 AM (Yawn)

There is something about leaving on a trip early in the morning. The excitement of going to a new place mixed with the joy of sleep deprivation.

Rebecca and I are with the Duncanville High School Honors Band and Wind Ensemble on their trip to perform at the Festivals of Music competition in Alexandria, Virginia. The contest, held at The Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall on the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College, brings together student musicians from around the United States and Canada.

The trip started this morning at the High School – 4:30 AM for final check. Photo ID – instrument – concert uniform – music. Each chaperone checked off the students that they were responsible before loading onto buses for the trip to the airport.

We had to split up into three different groups for flights. Just getting everyone checked in for the flight was an adventure. Many of the kids had never flown before – so the whole airport experience was new to them.

However, we made it to the gate – and onto the plane – with no major incidents. I did get to see something that I had never seen before – about thirty minutes out of National airport we passed over a forest fire working it’s way up the side of a mountain. An awe inspiring sight – the flame and smoke were clearly visible from our altitude.

Arrival at National was smooth – baggage and group were re-united and we headed to Fashion City mall to meet with the other two groups who had arrived earlier in the day.

Then it will be off to the hotel to prepare for the concert.

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