What a Performance!

These kids are amazing. After a morning of being at the school at 4:00 AM, spending the major part of the morning on the airplane, then having little time to eat, rest, and prepare for the concert – then they were GREAT!

Baker Theater photo by Kathryn Brown Courtesy NVCCThe Honors and Wind Ensemble bands performed at the Festivals of Music competition was at The Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall on the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College.

We performed in the Mary Collier Baker Theater. The Schlesinger Hall is a very nice facility – complete with WiFi access. However, there was little opportunity for updating the blog as there were chaperone schedules to setup and phone numbers to re-distribute to each group of parents.

Things were a bit tense as we were bused from the hotel to the concert site, as we were moving through D.C. traffic at rush hour. We passed the Pentagon, saw the edge of Arlington Memorial Cemetery, and passed around the Pentagon on our journey.  Our driver – Richard – kept the bus moving through the traffic and we arrived on time.

The Honors Band performed first, giving an excellent performance. There was no way that you could tell how tired these kids (and Directors) were. Both Mr. Brandon and Mr. King led spirited performances of their music selections.

After a break the Wind Ensemble performed Requiem – once again demonstrating their command of this exceptional piece of music.  The acoustics of the hall complemented the dynamic range of the piece, bringing the small audience to their feet.

At the end of the performance it was time to get the hungry, exhausted bands back to the hotel for dinner at 9:45 pm. Your would think that these kids would be ready to sleep – no way.

Hallway duty was a challenge, several loud rooms and a couple that had brought Guitar Hero playing so hard that their jumping and laughing could be heard on floors below.

I worked the first – midnight to 2:00 am shift, and spent most of it walking up and down getting the kids to quite down. They were excited to be there – happy that they had turned in a great performance, and truly not ready to sleep. But tomorrow is another day…and a long one at that!

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