The Day After Christmas

Alex and I agree – when it comes to Christmas you both want Christmas to get here and you don’t.

You look forward to Christmas because of the family and friends, the time that you get to spend together, the excitement and the presents. There is a joy and love that is all around during this time that is hard to get the rest of the year.

However, each day closer to Christmas is a day closer to the day after Christmas, when the packages are all unwrapped, the anticipation has been fulfilled, and the business of business is retaking the joy and excitement of Christmas.

So how do we keep the spirit of Christmas going throughout the year. Can we commit to “every day is Christmas?” No – we can not. Christmas – as the saying goes – comes but once a year. To have Christmas all year long in some ways limits the anticipation of the day. It also blinds us to the special times that come throughout the year – the birthdays and anniversaries, the backyard BBQ, the special evening with the significant person or people in your life.

How much better to make the excitement of Christmas part of every day – special or not. Look for the special moments in each day, watch for opportunities to be giving towards others, and try to bring the special nature to Christmas to those around you every day.

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