Happy New Year

Welcome 2009 – Our hopes and prayers that 2009 brings a better year for the world than 2008.

2009 will be a year of change for us. Kathryn will be graduating from high school in the spring and going to college in the fall. Alex will be moving from middle school to high school, experiencing summer band, high school marching, and the harder classes of high school.

Rebecca and I will transition to our daughter being some hours away all the time. It’s hard to think about that – Kat not being here all the time will be a major change. We got a preview of being “empty nest” last summer when both of the kids were at camps at the same time. It is a strange feeling sitting down for breakfast and realizing that there will just be the two of us.


Rebecca started out the year with her new Mini Cooper Clubman. This is the first new car she has had in ten years – she has been driving the “momvan” for all this time taking Kat and Alex to activities, events, and lessons. The Sienna has served us well, talking us on trips to the coast to visit my parents. I remember using the van to move my dad down to the beach the last time we were able to all be there together. His tremors has become too bad to make the walk to the beach so we would drive down to the edge of the water. The salt air got into the door locks and alarms and they never have worked right again.

We will be keeping the van as a third car for Kathryn to use occasionally. We have been told that this is the most cost effective way to do this for insurance. Just another cost of having a teenager.

Change change change – the house will hopefully get painted in the first couple of days of the new year. I finished working with Pat, the carpenter that was recommended to us, today. We replaced a number of the fascia and soffett boards where water had gotten to them. I am worried that we have a fatal flaw in the roof – as the tile roof that was such a great selling point for the house appears to have been put on incorrectly and will require major repair at some time in the future.

But there is positive in the new year also. At this point we are still on track to go to Toronto this summer with my company, I have an incredible team of people who I work with every day, and there are opportunities to make significant strides in some of the key projects that I would like to accomplish this year. With the general slow down of projects, we should be able to get caught up on things that have been in the wings.

So Happy New Year to all – may the new year bring you happiness, success, and joy. God bless us – every one – with peace.

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