Yarn Tourism

The trip to TMEA involves visiting yarn shops – which is fun. I sit working on my iPhone or computer while Rebecca experiences yarn. Experience is correct – you can’t just look at yarn. You have to hold it and imagine the possibilities.

That ability is one of the MANY things I love about Rebecca, she can look at a hank of yarn and see a scarf, a shawl, gloves or socks. She says “This yarn wants to be …” and she is right. Some yarn just wants to be a specific item.

Tonight we are at Yarnivore in San Antonio. She has found yarn for a hat and for something for Kathryn. Plus she got to meet some people who she knows from Ravelry. Earlier we stopped at another shop in Austin – The Knitting Nest – and found some lace yarn that is a red and white candystripe. This is the shop where the Ravelry folks will be at on Saturday. However, Rebecca has to miss that due to Kathryn’s concert in San Antonio – I know which one she would rather be at.

Some people visit Harley stores, we visit yarn shops. I think we have the better deal.

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