I feel a change coming on

I feel a change coming on. This blog page (http://www.dunns.org) has been consistent for a couple of years. Yes – I have changed the images on the top page but the last two themes have been pretty consistent.

Recently, I have been spending more time on LinkedIn and Facebook. Although the Web 2.0 features of the world mean that you may be reading this post on Facebook of LinkedIn.

While I have Gallery on this blog, I also have posted photos on Facebook and have a Flickr account that I have not used that much.

So why have a separate blog page?

Good question, not so sure I have a good answer. In some ways it is the independent streak in me. I want to have a space that I completely control, not one that I have to follow the format and tools of someone else.

However, I also am a fan of what works. Facebook has a great community. I joined Facebook to keep an eye on Kathryn’s Facebook page and ended up starting to reconnect with people from College that I had lost track of for years.

LinkedIn is a great way to find people in business – although my LinkedIn page had turned into a hash after my experiment with Open Networking.

So how to tie it all together? Recently I used the new applications on LinkedIn to tie this blog to my LinkedIn page, and then tied this same page to my Facebook profile.

Photos is the interesting question. I like Flickr – but since we already pay for one Flickr account for Rebecca to post her knitting projects I am not sure that I want to commit to another account, and if I don’t I know I will use up the size limitations on a free one.

Music – a whole new world. Tonight I added a Pandora application to my Facebook. Will have to see if I can add that to the WordPress also.

So what to do. Gallery takes a lot of maintenance in integration – but I want to see what the new Gallery 3.0 brings to the table.

So at this point I think that spring cleaning is going to be just that – a brief spring freshening up of the site. So not much in the way of change – but don’t get comfortable. Change will be coming. I just don’t know what or when…

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