Thoughtstream – 2009-06-21

  • Grand Concert at Baylor Music Camp today – lots of tired kids playing incredible music! #BaylorMusic #
  • Jazz Concert just finished – Alex Parker and ensemble woke everyone up with three great cuts #BaylorMusic #
  • Next up is the Concert Band with selections by Holst, Gates, and Arnold – amazing work for 5 days #BaylorMusic #
  • Dr Espinosa just finished with the Concert Band and a rousing performance of Sol Y Sombra #BaylorMusic #
  • It's obvious that working with Baylor faculty through the week is inspiring to the kids – plus playing great music #BaylorMusic #
  • Next up in the concert – the Symphonic Band #BaylorMusic #
  • Colin McKenzie led Symphonic Band in great concert – exciting close with performance of Russian Sailor's Dance #BaylorMusic #
  • Dr. Wilson and the Wind Ensemble – "Bells for Stokowski" – all you can say is WOW #BaylorMusic #
  • Kids at the Baylor HS Camp are playing incredibly – Dr Wilson says "more playing music than sleep" #BaylorMusic #
  • It was obvious that @piccologirl loved the music in the Wind Ensemble #BaylorMusic #
  • Night on Bald Mountain – @piccologirl was incredible #BaylorMusic #

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