Thoughtstream – 2009-09-21

  • Going to Dallas v Giants tonight first pro game in the new stadium. #
  • Going to Dallas game today? Be prepared for traffic traffic traffic! #
  • $80 for parking near Stadium #
  • Bus driver seems lost we keep saying "drive to the big white bump on the horizon." #
  • Pretty sad when there is a line for the mens #cowboysstadium #
  • jerry jones making money #
  • Stadium officially at capacity but I see lots of empty seats lots of people still looking for their seat? #
  • ATT spent millions on ads not enough on bandwidth – Twitter difficult to reach. #
  • Txt and Twitter performance poor at Cowboys Stadium #CowboysStadium #
  • AT&T bandwidth is shot at tx stadium #
  • The star is back at Cowboys Stadium #
  • Romo just threw it straight to the Giants – Cowboys are in the white uniforms Romo! #
  • Giants 13 Dallas 7 after Giants FG #
  • Giants 13 Dallas 14 after Dallas TD 9:04 remaining in half #

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