Thoughtstream – 2009-12-03

  • Anyone have a ticket to the Baylor Christmas Concert they want to sell? Had no idea it would sell out so fast. #
  • Very True RT @catliao: Step 1 in config mgt standardize each software layer with gold settings that are pervsv across OS / apps #gartnerdc #
  • Congratulations RT @BaylorProud: Baylor one of only 7 universities nationwide to earn an 'A' for its core curriculum: #
  • RT @datacenterTT: RT @SFoskett: Digital Realty Trust wins my geek respect for their Lego data center at #gartnerdc #
  • RT @catliao: Most still deploy webapps (j2ee, .net) using scripts by app dev teams rather than standardized tools from IT. #gartnerdc #
  • now using MySkyStatus – #
  • is now departing Mc Carran Intl on American Airlines for business. Powered by #

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