Testing Flickr


Originally uploaded by KevinDunn

This photo is one I took back in May of 2008 from my first iPhone. With the major changes in Gallery and the future lack of integration on the roadmap, I am trying to figure out what I will do for photo sharing.
I want something that will allow me to post from my phone or from my computer, will retain fidelity, and will allow me to share the photos I take. Not that there is anything really great about them – it’s just fun to share.
So this is a test entry to see how the Flickr integration with WordPress looks. Will likely test a couple of other services before I settle on one.
A couple of things that I quickly see – I will need to change the basic Flickr template to integrate with Lightbox on photo click and change the link text something like “Visit this photo on Flickr” to make that option obvious.

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