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Pathway through the MarshTrying our a new gallery package on the site – NextGen Gallery. The difficult thing is working out a transfer between the old Gallery2 and NextGen.

This image – one of my favorite from several years ago – is in the new NextGen Gallery sample album that I imported. However it lost all the info that was in the old Gallery2 database.

I saw where someone has written a script to export the Gallery2 pages and import them into NextGen – that will be the next thing to check.

3 thoughts on “New Gallery – NextGen

  1. Not yet – I have almost decided to move to a “hosted” photo platform and bring the content back to WordPress. Have not fully come to that point yet though. Especially since I have a friend with thousands of photos in his site that need to be migrated.

  2. Jim – did not yet. Have been so busy with other projects that I have not had time to do much with it. I am to the point now of questioning the wisdom of doing my own photo library – looking to possibly use Flickr so something like it to host photos.

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