A Happy and Sucessful New Year

It is interesting that – for being only one week apart – Christmas and the new year are two completely different celebrations.

Christmas is the one that many people look forward to all year long. For many it is a time of family; there is a joy and good will that is common to all and when it’s over there is a feeling that we can’t wait for the next one to get here.

The new year seems to be a celebration with an underlying desperation. All the things that have not gotten done pile up at the finish line and like a novice project manager we are left trying to carve victory out of a swiftly building pile of to-do items. Even the parties have a time bound feel – no one is looking forward to the hope of a joyfully dawning Christmas morning, it’s all about getting it all in before midnight when our coach turns back into a pumpkin and our lives start another crawl the seasons of another year.

So here is my wish for your new year – may you accept the things that have gone before, acknowledge the successes while not losing sight of the lessons of things you wish you had done better. May you have the courage to dream big dreams and the vision to plan how you can accomplish them in the coming year.

May each an every one of you be blessed in the New Year.

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