New Gallery – NextGen

Pathway through the MarshTrying our a new gallery package on the site – NextGen Gallery. The difficult thing is working out a transfer between the old Gallery2 and NextGen.

This image – one of my favorite from several years ago – is in the new NextGen Gallery sample album that I imported. However it lost all the info that was in the old Gallery2 database.

I saw where someone has written a script to export the Gallery2 pages and import them into NextGen – that will be the next thing to check.

Swimming with the Dog

Crazy dog CJ
CJ - In a Dry Moment
Spent the evening swimming with CJ. Being a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, water is like a second home for him. So this evening I joined him – playing pool fetch with the new ball I got him over the weekend.

The new ball is larger than his other ball, so there is an added element of fun as he tries to stay afloat, grab the ball, and swim past me to escape into the yard. CJ is not yet fully fetch trained. He likes to turn a great game of fetch into a game of “Chase me, I have the ball and you do not!”

The new chlorine feeder seems to be working well. The main benefit – it is outside of the back yard and therefore dog proof. We can no longer use floaters since CJ learned he can remove them then chem them to bits.

Having a retriever puppy – even a year and half old one – is like having a toddler. They get into everything – and then they are so proud that they did.

Technology and Magic

Sitting at lunch today and the very loud conversation at the next table is on tips for cell phone – “AT&T says you should turn your phone off once a day so that you will reconnect to a closer tower.”

I resisted the impulse to ask “what if you are driving along between cities, at what point in the drive should you recycle your phone? When you start or when you arrive?”

If you just think it through this is not logical. But most people don’t take the time to think through what they are told by “authority figures” even if that authority figure is just a voice on a phone.

Testing Flickr


Originally uploaded by KevinDunn

This photo is one I took back in May of 2008 from my first iPhone. With the major changes in Gallery and the future lack of integration on the roadmap, I am trying to figure out what I will do for photo sharing.
I want something that will allow me to post from my phone or from my computer, will retain fidelity, and will allow me to share the photos I take. Not that there is anything really great about them – it’s just fun to share.
So this is a test entry to see how the Flickr integration with WordPress looks. Will likely test a couple of other services before I settle on one.
A couple of things that I quickly see – I will need to change the basic Flickr template to integrate with Lightbox on photo click and change the link text something like “Visit this photo on Flickr” to make that option obvious.