First Chair for Kathryn

Kathryn just called from San Antonio – she made First Chair Piccolo in the State Band tryouts. Wow! Congratulations Kathryn.

She has really focused this year, and her tone and expression make the difference. Rebecca had said a couple of days ago that it was obvious that she was very comfortable with the music now because you could hear the emotion in the music.

We are so proud of her in this accomplishment, and of the way she has developed her talents in music. Now it’s just a few days till the concerts in San Antonio for both kids – State Band concert and the two Honor Band concerts.

Congratulations Kathryn, Alex, and the Duncanville Bands

Congratulations to both Kathryn and Alex, and to the Duncanville Wind Ensemble and Byrd Middle School Symphonic Band. Both bands made Texas State Honor Band this year and leave for San Antonio in a day to play for almost every music educator in the state of Texas at the Texas Music Educators convention.

This is a major honor, made even greater by the fact that no district has ever had both a high school and middle school band win at the same time – and only Duncanville has done this back to back.

Congratulations to the directors and the kids on this major accomplishment.

Tuba Christmas 2008

This is Alex’s second year to be a part of Tuba Christmas here in Dallas. I did a full video tape, but can only post it to YouTube in 10 minute segments This means that I have to break it up and post it a bit at a time.

Here is the the first segment.


They are pretty good for a group that practices for an hour before the performance. The crowd loves it – and gets bigger every year.

Vanishing View

This is a sight that will soon be gone. I was the announcer for the band performance at Texas Stadium – so I got to go up in the rafters to the sound booth. This is the view from the walkway leading toward the booth. It’s from my iPhone, so not the best photo. I wish I had my better camera, but sometimes you capture the image with the best that you have.

Goodby Texas Stadium – I have been to you as a high school band member and as a high school band parent – that really says something about how long you have been a part of the fabric of many lives.