Duncanvillle Performance – 120%

Duncanville performed at their very best tonight,. surpassing any other performance of the show that I have seen. Kathryn nailed every note of her solos and the band performed with excellent sound and visual.

It’s a state level show – it just remains to be seen what the final rankings are. Go Duncanville – you have put your heart into this performance.


Results from the State Marching Competition in San Antonio. The following advance to finals. Listed in performance order….

L.D. Bell – 7:30 pm
Haltom – 7:45 pm
Duncanville – 8:00 pm
Coppell – 8:15 pm
Churchill – 8:30 pm
Bowie – 9:00 pm
Marcus – 9:15 pm
Cedar Park – 9:30 pm
Richland – 9:45 pm
Westlake – 10:00 pm