New Gallery – NextGen

Pathway through the MarshTrying our a new gallery package on the site – NextGen Gallery. The difficult thing is working out a transfer between the old Gallery2 and NextGen.

This image – one of my favorite from several years ago – is in the new NextGen Gallery sample album that I imported. However it lost all the info that was in the old Gallery2 database.

I saw where someone has written a script to export the Gallery2 pages and import them into NextGen – that will be the next thing to check.

Identity and Upgrades

Stayed up late to grab my FaceBook name – I have to give it to Kathryn, I really have enjoyed FaceBook. I did not really want to get a FaceBook account – but got one to make sure I knew what was going on with her on-line. Now – it’s a great way to keep up with friends and I hope that it will be a great way to stay connected to Kathryn when she goes off to school.

I also did the 2.8 upgrade tonight along with upgrades to the WPMobile plugin. However, I forgot that I have to access the underlying directory structure, and I don’t want to go dig up the passwords for that tonight. Enough is enough – have way too much on my plate for tomorrow without staying up late tonight.

Under Construction

Don’t you hate it when web sites have that goofy little under construction symbol. Well – I’m not going to put that on the site – just wanted everyone to know that the Gallery pages are really broken – I really like this theme but it does not play nice with Gallery2 / WPG2 integration.

I guess I have been looking for something to force me to learn the code behind the WPG2 theme interaction – so it’s going to stay broke for a few days while I learn the best way to fix it.

My apologies to those that this bothers…..