Pool Problems

A pool is a hole in the ground that you throw money into.

Never have I found that to be more true than since our pool pump started acting up earlier this year. It’s taught me a lot about pools – and pool supply stores. Most of all – it’s left me looking for a new source of pool chemicals, supplies, and advice.

When the pool started having problems with circulation, I took the pump apart and took the motor, impeller, and diffuser to our local branch of Leslie’s Pool Supply. Since the diffuser was cracked, they ordered a new one.

This is where the first problem occurred – when the manager said that they could order it for me she in no way said that there would be a special charge for ordering the part. I just assumed that they were having it sent over from the warehouse.

Surprise – when the part arrived there was an eight dollar charge for just ordering the part. Needing to get the pool flowing again I – grudgingly – paid the extra charge. Installed the new part, re-assembled the pump, and started it up again. Didn’t seem to draw very well – but I just assumed that I was not remembering how it was in the past.

Within a week the pump had stopped drawing again. No cracks or flaws in the pump parts this time – just can’t pull water through the system. I pulled everything apart, lubed all the o-rings, put it back together. Still no luck. Remembering the slow water flow I thought that possibly leaves had been pulled through the system and clogged one of the intakes. So began a process of cleaning the various intakes with pipe snakes, pressure, and eventually putting in valves to isolate each intake for pressure testing.

Finally, after three months, I had enough. I finally broke down and called a pool company to come check our now green pool.

Imagine my surprise when for my $200 I learn that … Leslie’s has sold me the wrong part originally. The diffuser was the incorrect part, leading to a melted diffuser, a damaged impeller, and many months of every weekend tearing apart and putting back together the pump, pipes, and filter.

Plus a green pool. A really green pool. A pool so green that trying to filter it out has just cost me a set of fins for my PacFab DE filter.

Thanks Leslie’s!