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Kevin 14/02/2009

That is the only word for it – spectacular. The Byrd State Honor Band concert left people in awe, and the DHS performance for the High School Honor Band concert was an incredible experience. “Angels in the Architecture” stunned the capacity crowd in the hall leaving them completely silent until the applause exploded. Kathryn and Alex both performed beautifully. Congratulations to both of them.

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First Chair for Kathryn

Kevin 11/02/2009

Kathryn just called from San Antonio – she made First Chair Piccolo in the State Band tryouts. Wow! Congratulations Kathryn. She has really focused this year, and her tone and expression make the difference. Rebecca had said a couple of days ago that it was obvious that she was very comfortable with the music now because you could hear the emotion in the music. We are so proud of her in this accomplishment, and of… First Chair for Kathryn

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Congratulations Kathryn, Alex, and the Duncanville Bands

Kevin 01/02/2009

Congratulations to both Kathryn and Alex, and to the Duncanville Wind Ensemble and Byrd Middle School Symphonic Band. Both bands made Texas State Honor Band this year and leave for San Antonio in a day to play for almost every music educator in the state of Texas at the Texas Music Educators convention. This is a major honor, made even greater by the fact that no district has ever had both a high school and… Congratulations Kathryn, Alex, and the Duncanville Bands

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Duncanville Band – Going to State!

Kevin 25/10/2008

580 After a long day in Mesquite it’s official – the Duncanville Marching Band is once again on their way to the State Marching Competition in San Antionio, Texas on November 4th. Congratulations Duncanville! The band’s show this year is incredible – not just because Kathryn has a featured solo  and a feature with an ensemble at two different portions of the show. The overall show flows beautifully – an excellent mix of pure marching… Duncanville Band – Going to State!

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Sweepstakes at Region – on to Area

Kevin 24/10/2008

It’s a State year again, and the Duncanville Band is on the way. Region brought a perfect day for marching, an excellent performance, and first division marks from all three judges. Congratulations Duncanville Band!!! The UIL Region contest is held each year at Duncanville, so we get to help out making sure that all the Bands have their best performance. I managed the warm-up process again this year, getting all thirteen bands through warm-up and… Sweepstakes at Region – on to Area

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