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Under Construction

Kevin 05/04/2009

Don’t you hate it when web sites have that goofy little under construction symbol. Well – I’m not going to put that on the site – just wanted everyone to know that the Gallery pages are really broken – I really like this theme but it does not play nice with Gallery2 / WPG2 integration. I guess I have been looking for something to force me to learn the code behind the WPG2 theme interaction… Under Construction

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I feel a change coming on

Kevin 09/03/2009

I feel a change coming on. This blog page (http://www.dunns.org) has been consistent for a couple of years. Yes – I have changed the images on the top page but the last two themes have been pretty consistent. Recently, I have been spending more time on LinkedIn and Facebook. Although the Web 2.0 features of the world mean that you may be reading this post on Facebook of LinkedIn. While I have Gallery on this… I feel a change coming on

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