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Power, Pandemics, and Eating Alone

Kevin 29/04/2009

On a business trip to Florida this week, an experience in learning how much I have forgotten. One thing I have quickly learned an iPhone in full travel assist mode eats power. With the GPS enabled, making lots of calls, and using the e-mail function to keep up with the office this thing is throwing 10% warnings by 5:00 pm. As I type this over dinner, the phone is hooked up to life support… Power, Pandemics, and Eating Alone

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Thoughts on a Hot and Windy Night

Kevin 22/04/2009

In Texas spring turns quickly to summer. Today reached ninety degrees, leaving it hot even after the sun went down. However, the wind has kicked up setting the chimes in the back yard alive and howling through the trees in the back yard. I can’t sleep. Not sure what is keeping me awake the disappointment with our home mortgage re-finance process, the thoughts of Kathryn leaving for college, the sudden news that I will… Thoughts on a Hot and Windy Night

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Over Mashed?

Kevin 02/04/2009

This is great – a few days ago I posted that I was experimenting with tying all the different sites together through the dunns.org site. I have Twitter updating, Facebook and the blog, the blog updating Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn showing the blog content. Now I think I have created a loop – My mashup has turned to mush! Lesson (actually expected result) – must think through what updates what and how it all works… Over Mashed?

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I feel a change coming on

Kevin 09/03/2009

I feel a change coming on. This blog page (http://www.dunns.org) has been consistent for a couple of years. Yes – I have changed the images on the top page but the last two themes have been pretty consistent. Recently, I have been spending more time on LinkedIn and Facebook. Although the Web 2.0 features of the world mean that you may be reading this post on Facebook of LinkedIn. While I have Gallery on this… I feel a change coming on

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