The Site

This is a general news and information weblog maintained by Kevin Dunn for the Dunn family. Stories, information, and photos are placed here to assist family members and friends to keep in touch.

This is one of these projects I have had in mind for some time, however Hurricane Rita and the resulting evacuation and relocations placed it in motion. Some posts may contain personal information and may require a password. If you believe that you need the information in the post please contact Kevin Dunn for the post password.

Thanks for visiting.

The Technology

Dunns.org is created using WordPress, the premier personal publishing platform using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). WordPress is an open source project which focuses on creating an easy to use environment where individuals can create distinctive and informative websites with a minimum of technical knowledge. For more information about WordPress, visit the site at http://www.wordpress.org.

Photos on Dunns.org are managed using Gallery, one of the most established and well respected photo management suites on the Internet. Gallery has just entered its second major version, and with the release of Gallery2 has become an unbeatable platform for sharing and managing photos. More information about Gallery and Gallery2 can be found at http://gallery.sourceforge.net.

WordPress is designed to be expandable through PlugIns. The key plug-in on this site is WPG2 from Ozgreg with CSS design by Marc Lorenz. WPG2 Embeds Gallery2 within WordPress to share photos, videos and any other Gallery2 content seamlessly into the WordPress Sidebar and Blog entries. Other plugins in use include:

  • AMM – The Amazon Media Management Extension by Denyerec and Marcel Dunn
  • Contact Form ][ by Chip Cuccio based on code from Ryan Duff’s WP-ContactForm plugin. Info at http://chip.cuccio.us/.
  • WordPress Database Backup by Scott Merrill providing on-demand backup of the WordPress database.

I generally write posts using ScribeFire plugin in Firefox, although sometimes I use the iPhone WordPress application for quick posts and the WordPress interface – especially with the Google Gears implementation.

Legal Stuff

These posts are on my personal time and reflect my personal opinions. They do not reflect the opinions of my past, current, or future employer. They may not even reflect my current opinion – as I reserve the right to learn and change my mind. If they do not agree with your opinions, that is fine. I don’t ask you to agree with me and I will say in advance that I respect your right to hold your own opinion. However, if we disagree that does not mean that either of us are bad people – just that we have a difference of opinion.

With that being said, thanks for visiting.

Kevin Dunn